Henrique Araújo

Henrique Araújo is a prominent composer, cavaquinho and bandolim player. As a young musician coming up in the rodas de choro of São Paulo, he was exposed not only to choro music but also to the music of the Northeast of Brazil. He released his first solo album, “O Choro do Sertão”, in 2017, which features choros and instrumental pieces composed by Dominguinhos. (Although better known for his forró compositions, Dominguinhos composed a large body of choro pieces as well.) On his groundbreaking album, Henrique features two choro compositions by this great accordionist that had previously been unpublished. 

Last year, Henrique was invited to be part of the faculty at California Brazil Camp and also performed at the International Samba Congress-Europe in Munich. He has performed and recorded with Dominguinhos, Yamandú Costa, Elza Soares, Wilson das Neves, Zeca Pagodinho, Gilberto Gil, Mestrinho and the conductors Laércio de Freitas and Roberto Sion. 

He has been invited to perform and present workshops at the Brahma Festival in Moscow, the Brazilian Concertgerbouw Festival in Amsterdam, the New Voices festival in Bogota, the Year of Brazil in Portugal, the Berklee Percussion Festival, the Eleventh Choro Festival in Paris, the Brotfabrik-Frankfourt Festival and the Vienna Jazz Festival.

Currently, he is the musical director and conductor of Cordão Carnavalesco and teaches at the Escola do Auditório do Ibiraquera and the Escola de Choro de São Paulo.  His current performing groups include the Panorama do Choro Paulistano Contemporâneo and Batuqueiros e sua Gente. His primary responsibility at Choro Camp will be teaching cavaquinho, but we won’t stop him from sharing his expert knowledge of bandolim as well!