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Early Morning Activities 

7 to 7:30

Physical warm-up with James Todd
Morris Living Room

How’s this sound as a way to warm your body up before a day of music-making? James is a personal trainer and this is the dynamic warm up routine that he does for boxers before class. The whole routine takes 15-20 minutes.

1) deep breathing (4/4/8) and (4/4/4/4)
2) Chi Kung (relaxed movement)
3) standing stretches
4) floor stretches (optional, depending upon whether or not people want to lay down on the floor)

9 to 9:45

There are two options in this hour before the Instrumental Groups class session: 

Samba vocals

Fabio Oliveira
Mendenhall Studio 207A (Enter from Geen St and go up the stairs. 207A is right there.)

Fabio Oliveira is back by popular demand this year to lead a Roda de Samba Special Topic at 4 PM on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. As a supplement to that, he’s going to offer a morning vocal class on the day’s samba tunes so we can sing as well as play them. All are welcome, whether you plan to attend the samba class later in the day or not.

Facilitated Warm-up

Camper facilitators
Lawrence Dining Rm.

This is not a class per se, but an opportunity to warm up on the day’s Core Repertoire together before class time. This will be led by campers, not teachers, and will be offered on as many days as we have a volunteer facilitator. We currently have two such volunteers and could use three more. If you are ready and willing to lead one morning warm-up with your fellow campers during this time, please get in touch. Here’s the schedule of warm-up facilitators so far:

Tuesday: Dominique Gagné

Wednesday: David Chelimsky

Thursday: Jean Garcia-Gathright


Saturday: Dominique Gagné