Join us for Choro Camp New England’s 3rd edition: June 26 – July 2, 2023!

There is a form further down the page that we’ll ask you to use to provide us with all the information we’ll need to get you properly registered. But before that, please take a minute to read through your registration options here.

The Basic Choro Camp New England (CCNE) Options

Here are all your Choro Camp options, their associated costs and a bit of description:

  • Tuition – $640. This is the only non-optional item on the menu. It covers the cost of having a staff of artists on site, access to Smith’s facilities, and it pays your friendly organizers. Owing to the generosity of your fellow participants, some need-based financial aid is available, so let us know if this tuition is out of your reach, but please do your best to support this fledgling event if you would like to see it thrive.
  • Housing – $295 for 6 nights (Monday-Saturday) or $250 for 5 nights (that is, if you’re arriving Tuesday morning). The standard arrangement is a private room with shared bathrooms on the hall. You can stay off-campus, but the dorms are where the action is all day and well into the night. It’s kinda nice to have a room close by.
  • Meals – $280 for meals on campus starting Tuesday morning, ending with breakfast on Sunday.  A great way to stay both fed and well-connected with campers and staff.

About the Saturday Night Concert…

Choro Camp’s grand finale on Saturday night will be a faculty concert followed by rodas and schmoozing back on campus. This year the concert will be held at a new venue, the Northampton Center for the Arts. We’re producing the show, which means we can offer you ticket(s) now for $25, a price reserved only for Choro Campers. You’ll see that on the registration form.

Your Payment Options
To pay for whatever you’ve selected from the options above, you have two further choices to make: when to pay, and how to pay.

When do you want to pay?

  • Pay in Full Now – Choose this option, and we’ll send you an invoice. You pay it. Done. (Please see our cancellation policy below.)
  • Pre-register Now –  Until March 31st you have the option of holding your spot by paying a non-refundable $200 pre-registration fee and paying the remaining balance any time before May 1st. 

How would you like to pay?

  • Pay online – Based on the selections you make on the registration form, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice, which you can pay using either your PayPal balance or a credit card. Please note that PayPal does charge for their service and we pass their fees (of 3.5%) along to you, so the cost will be slightly higher than the prices we’ve quoted above.
  • Pay by check – You can also send us a check. No fees for that! We’ll include our mailing address with the invoice we send you.
  • Pay in cash – If paying in cash for all or part of your registration works best for you, that’s another option we’ll offer on the registration form. Check that box and we’ll be in touch. Please note: This option is only available to people who have attended Choro Camp in past years. 

Our Cancellation Policy

First off, let’s put this piece plainly: If we have to cancel Choro Camp, anything you have paid will be refunded in full.

If the event is going on but you, for whatever reason, need to cancel your registration, here are our policies for this year:

  • If you opt to pre-register by making a $200 deposit, that deposit is non-refundable.
  • If you opt to register in full, all but $200 of that registration payment is refundable through March.
  • During the month of April, 50% of your full registration payment is refundable
  • After May 1st, we’re fully committed to Smith College and our artists. No refunds can be guaranteed.

Ready, Set, Register!

Now, on to the registration form itself. If you encounter any problems or have questions, we’re here to help. You can reach Andrew or Carolyn at [email protected]. Please note that the invoicing is not automated, so please give us a little time to get back to you.

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