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If you have fallen in love with the Brazilian musical tradition called “choro” (or “chorinho”) we know this much: you have good taste.

Paradise Pond, Smith College

We know too that as a musician setting out to play this music you’ve got a lot of fun – and, let’s be honest – a piece of work ahead of you. Even in Brazil learning to play choro presents daunting musical challenges. The repertoire is vast and complex; the masters are, well, masterful. Taking on the challenge in North America we face additional obstacles: few experts nearby, few people to play with, barriers of language and culture, etc.

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About Choro

The musical genre of “choro”, also known as “chorinho,” began to take shape in mid-19th century Rio de Janeiro, where the music of the Portuguese court – ballroom dances such as the polca, waltz and schottisch – met that of Afro-Brazilians.

A similar process took place 5,000 miles to the north, where African-American skills and sensibilities combined with European music – especially that of military bands – to bring forth first ragtime, then jazz. And just as ragtime and jazz are universally regarded as prototypically American, so too is choro recognized as uniquely, exquisitely Brazilian.

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