Choro Camp Daily Schedule

Choro Camp 2024 Schedule

In the daily schedule further down the page you will see three different types of classes:

  • Meet by Instrumental Groups
  • Rodas de Choro
  • More Rodas and Special Topics

Rather than repeat the content of those classes every time they appear in the schedule, we’ll do so just once, below:

Meet by Instrumental Groups 
During these classes, instrumental groups will work on the day’s repertoire, which will be organized by rhythmic style. For a look at how the instrumental groups break down, you’ll find them listed on the Program>Overview page.

Rodas de Choro 
Play time! These facilitated rodas for mixed instrumentation will focus first on the repertoire we have just studied in the instrumental groups. If time allows we may play other tunes in the same rhythmic style, revisit tunes we’ve studied on previous days, or stray into new territory.

Special Topics
This will typically be the last period of the day.  “Special topic” offerings could include anything that might be of interest to our participants. Some examples from past Choro Camps:

  • Improvisation in Choro
  • Intro to Pandeiro or cavaquinho (for players of other instruments);
  • Roda de samba 
  • A Valsa (the waltz)
  • Focus on [a particular artist].
  • Baiao, frevo or other Brazilian musical genres.

If you can imagine it, we can consider it!

Daily Schedule


Noon to 8 pm: Arrival and registration. Especially recommended for long-distance travelers. This is time for informal rodas de choro and getting settled in. There are no on-campus meals this evening, but downtown Northampton is walking distance and offers many options.

7:30 – 9: Facilitated roda 


10:00 am: Orientation. Be there!

1:30—3 pm:  Meet by Instrumental Groups.

4 – 5:30: Rodas de Choro.

Evening – rodas, practice, socializing, special offerings.

Wednesday through Friday

Early mornings: facilitated and non-facilitated warm-up, special offerings, practice and informal rodas.

10 – 11:30 – Meet by Instrumental Groups.

1:30 – 3:00 pm – Rodas de Choro.

4 – 5:30 pm – Special topics.

Evenings – facilitated and non-facilitated rodas, special offerings, socializing


Early morning: facilitated and non-facilitated warm-up, practice and informal rodas.

10 – 11:30: Meet by Instrumental Groups.

1:30 – 3:00 pm – Bandão (All of us playing together!)

Late afternoon: Informal rodas, special offerings, socializing and mutual patting of backs.

Evening: Concert by artists on staff followed by rodas de choro and socializing.


No scheduled activities. Check out of dorms by 10 am. Hang and play outside as long as you’d like. Tchau, tchau queridos…see you next year!

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