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The Choro Shop

Tyler Dining Room
Hours: Generally, Adam will be there outside of class times. We will host a roda in the same space — Tyler House — every evening after dinner. 

We have an incredible collection of hand-made instruments — 7-string guitars, bandolins, cavaquinhos, pandeiros, rabecas, dinâmico guitars and more — as well as choro-related books and Brazilian crafts for you to try and, if you wish, buy. The shop is hosted by Adam Bahrami, a luthier with years of experience working with Brazilian music and musical instruments. 

The Choro Shop is available online throughout the year and you can see many of the instruments and books we have in stock there. But…

  • We have received several shipments of instruments just within the last 2 weeks, and few of those are listed in the online store.
  • There is no substitute for holding an instrument in your hands, nor for comparing two instruments side-by-side. Here’s your opportunity. 

The Choro Shop offers an unparalleled collection of resources for any lover of choro, or Brazilian música popular in general. Please take full advantage of this opportunity, and don’t leave it to the last minute!