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Facilitated Rodas de Choro

The facilitated rodas de choro will focus on the day’s Core Repertoire, which you will have worked on earlier in the Instrumental Groups. They will take place on the following schedule:

  • Tuesday: 4 – 5:30
  • Wednesday through Friday: 1:30 – 3
  • Saturday: Instead of small group rodas we will likely do a “bandão”, which will involve everyone playing through the week’s Core Repertoire together. Stay tuned!

Use the link below to access the detailed Roda Schedule, on which you can see which group & room you have been assigned to. THIS WILL CHANGE EVERY DAY !  So be sure to check this schedule at least daily, and refresh your browser each time.

Facilitated Roda Schedule

If you don’t appear in any group, let Andrew know. To allow us to make necessary changes, these daily schedules may appear one at a time over the course of the week.