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Facilitated Rodas de Choro

The facilitated rodas de choro will focus on the day’s Core Repertoire, which you will have worked on earlier in the Instrumental Groups. They will take place from 1:30 to 3 every day except Tuesday, when they will be at 4PM.

For these rodas, the teachers will stay in the same room from day to day, but the students will change groups and locations daily. Everyone (unless we’ve made a mistake) has been assigned to a roda every day so as to assure a balance of instrumentation.

We’ll post the Roda Schedules on paper in the dorms, but you can access them below online:

Facilitated Rodas_Tuesday

Facilitated Rodas_Wednesday

Facilitated Rodas_Thursday

Facilitated Rodas_Friday

SATURDAY: Instead of small group Rodas on Saturday, we will do a “bandão”, which will involve everyone playing through the week’s Core Repertoire together, in one “big band.” (If your ears are sensitive, you may want to bring ear plugs.)